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Philanthropi Expands Its Charitable Giving Platform, Offering New Ways for Individuals to Give

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Following its successful launch for employer-sponsored giving, the Giving as a Service™ platform is now available to all consumers beginning this summer.

PHILADELPHIA — June 15, 2022 — Philanthropi, a company leading the next generation of philanthropy through technology, today announced that it has expanded its charitable Giving as a Service™ platform to provide everyday donors with new ways to give. Beginning this summer. All consumers will be able to set up a Philanthropi Impact Account™ and start their own personal charitable foundations, much like those of large donors, by simply linking a debit or credit card. 

Philanthropi’s charitable Giving as a Service platform enables consumers to create Impact Accounts, which are donor-advised funds (DAFs) that support giving by everyone. These accounts simplify and organize giving by allowing individuals to track when, where, and how much is given from their personal foundation through a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard. The platform also provides easy-to-access tax information for year-end tax returns, removing the friction of manual tracking. Additionally, when donations are made through Impact Accounts, Philanthropi validates the recipient to ensure dollars are given to official non-profit organizations that meet the local, state, and federal non-profit status requirements.

“We are excited to take this next step in expanding our ability to support everyday donors in giving to the causes they care about most. Through their own personal Impact Accounts, individuals can directly donate funds to a growing number of non-profit organizations through the click of a button,” said Keith Leaphart, Founder & CEO of Philanthropi. “Our mission at Philanthropi is to tap into the largest donor segment — the everyday philanthropist  — so that we can truly unlock the power of philanthropy for all. In this new era of philanthropy, the concept is no longer synonymous with wealth or large donations, but with the collective impact of many individuals who care.”

Individuals who wish to set up an Impact Account, can sign up for the Philanthropi Waitlist by clicking the “Register” button on the Philanthropi website. By opting into the Waitlist, individuals can receive notifications and instructions for when enrollment officially begins in early July.

In 2019, Philanthropi launched its Giving as a Service platform to support employer-sponsored charitable giving, and help enterprises build a culture of giving and caring among employees. The company has seen great success among participating employers to date, empowering employees across the U.S. to make more than 4,000 grants through their personal foundations that all together have totaled nearly $3 million. These grants went to over 700 nonprofits and hardship relief funds, which are specialized funds that are aimed at providing financial support to organizations’ internal communities during periods of unexpected adversity.

The expansion of the Philanthropi Giving as a Service platform also enables Philanthropi to grow its partnership base with financial institutions, universities, and non-profit organizations, as well as employers. Enterprises or organizations looking to explore partnerships can contact Philanthropi by visiting www.philanthropi.com/contact/.

For more information on Philanthropi, please visit www.philanthropi.com.

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Philanthropi is leading the next generation of philanthropy through its innovative giving platform, which democratizes giving for everyone and amplifies its impact. By partnering with financial institutions, employers, universities, and non-profit organizations, Philanthropi fosters new levels of engagement and empowers everyday donors to support their favorite non-profit organizations with the click of a button. Tapping into the largest donor segment – the everyday philanthropist – Philanthropi unlocks the potential of the charitable ecosystem. For more information, visit www.philanthropi.com

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