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The Impact of Giving Back

By: Philanthropi
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Why is it important to invest in your community and provide ways to give back?

What is community? Friends, family, co-workers, organization members, a sporting league, your neighborhood, your school – all of these examples can constitute a community.  Wikipedia defines community as a social unit with commonality such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity.

Being part of a community requires action. Giving back to the community, or communities, you’re a part of is one of the most important principles of the human experience. The relationships formed amongst community members are reciprocal. When times get tough, it’s most often our communities that supply the support we need.

Giving back to your community ensures that help will be available when you and your community members need it, which helps to build a greater stronger community.

Below are 5 ways you can become an active member in your community by giving back and creating a better quality of life for all.

  1. Donations. Any charity or organization created to help your community will need and request money. One of the easiest ways make an impact and give back is through giving a monetary donation. You can give in small weekly or monthly increments

  2. Fundraising drives. If you desire to provide a charity with a large donation, but don’t have the ability to donate thousands of dollars, creating a fundraiser and rallying the people in your network to give enables you to raise more money in a short period of time.  

    Fundraisers also don’t have to be monetary. You can do a coat drive to assist those in need during the winter, organize a drive to collect school supplies in the summer for the upcoming school year, or collect canned and other non-perishable food from friends and family to give to your local food bank or church.

  3. Volunteering. There are several ways to volunteer in your community. Giving time to serve in a soup kitchen, writing a grant, or breaking out your tool belt to help build a home can have mutual benefits for the charity and you. The charity gets the benefit of your time and assistance, and you get the opportunity to meet new people, broaden your network, gain more empathy for fellow community members, and improve your ability to communicate with others. If you’re looking to change careers, volunteering is a great way to gain new employment opportunities.

  4. Tutoring. One of the ways to impact the community is to invest in its future. Helping to tutor students improves your leadership abilities and gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills.

  5. Get creative. Using your skills to get creative when thinking about ideas of giving can help you to create a personalized connection with your community. Love to cook? You can whip up meals for your neighbors who are elderly or shut in. Have a knack for doing hair? You can set up a beauty day at your local senior living community. 

When giving back to the community you’re not giving a handout, you’re putting a hand in. Giving back to your community makes you a valued member and creates positive ripple effect, impacting you and those around you. When thinking about giving back, think about the ways that work best for you and your schedule.

One way you can immediately begin to give back to local charities in your community is by creating an Impact Account. With your Impact Account you can track the money you give, connect with other difference makers in your community, and track the ways you choose to give. Once you’ve set up your Impact Account, perhaps you’ll try one or all of these suggestions.

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