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Impact Account™

Amplify Your Philanthropic Journey

Witness the full impact of your giving by activating an Impact Account™ today

Charity at your fingertips

An Impact Account™ is a donor advised fund, which simplifies giving and allows you the ability to track your:


Hours donated through volunteer or Board service


Pro bono or skilled volunteer work


Dollars or assets contributed


Your local and social networks

Benefits of an Impact Account™

An easy-to-use giving solution

Measure Your Impact

Impact Accounts™, are uniquely curated for each user. Every account has a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard that tracks when, where, and how much is given.

Amplifies Giving

Our platform empowers individuals to rally support from their families, friends, and coworkers for their personal causes, as well as encourage their broader networks to join in.

Enabling Corporate Engagement

The platform encourages individuals and companies to support causes and charities as a united front. Explore ways to galvanize support from leadership with incentivizing tools.

Amplify your giving with three simple steps

Start by naming your personal foundation

Add funds to your Impact Account™

Donate to the charity of your choice

Start Your Giving Journey!

Become part of the community that’s transforming the giving ecosystem for social good.