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Philanthropi Workplace Giving Solutions

Founded in 2018, the Philanthropi platform is leading the future of corporate social responsibility through its innovative giving platform. We are here to amplify the reach of your corporate giving, both inside and outside of your organization.

Philanthropi CSR Workplace Solutions

Empower a culture of Giving by partnering with Philanthropi

Workplace Giving Program

Hardship Relief Fund Program

Support your community in times of need
Track and Create

Track and create CSR goals

Retain Top Talent
Emphasize Commitment
Emphasize commitment to your employees

Employee Driven CSR Platform

Support your community in times of need
Track and Create

Track and create CSR goals

Hardship Relief Fund Platform

Retain Top Talent
Emphasize Commitment
Emphasize commitment to your employees

Empower your Internal Giving Community with an Impact Account™

An Impact Account is a personal charitable foundation for individual employees with the ability to manage a micro-donor advised fund.* Impact Accounts empower individuals to access, delegate and track tax-deductible contributions to nonprofits.

* Philanthropi Charitable is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization that manages and administers donor advised funds.

Impact Account™ Dashboard Preview

Your Employee Workplace Program will Track


Dollars or assets contributed


Hours donated through time based volunteering


Expertise you share through pro bono or skilled volunteer work


Your local network and giving communities

Organization Integration with Access to:

  • Customized Employee Onboarding
  • Efficiently Match your Employee Contributions & Grants
  • Easy Payroll Integration
  • Insightful quarterly insight reports measuring employee participation
  • Management of tax-deductible contributions
  • Simple seeding of accounts

Simple Steps for Employee Onboarding

Sign up

1 Sign Up

Pre-onboarded employees will receive an activation email to login into their account.


2 Fund

Employees can fund on a recurring basis via payroll integration, ACH or Credit Card


3 Grant

There are over 1.3 million verified nonprofits available for community members to grant to

We have offered our 401K for years and we never received a thank you. With Philanthropi our employees thanked us for allowing them to contribute to the cause they cared about most.

Huntley Garriott
CEO, Live Oak Bank

Track your Initiatives 
& Goals with Quarterly Impact Reports

Measurable Goals Creates Actionable Impact


With company sponsored Impact Accounts, employers and employees receive aggregated views of their four T’s. Create customizable goals to measure the impact and pace of charitable giving within your organization.

Insight Summary Dashboard

Quarterly Impact Report

Meet with your CSR Advisor quarterly to analyze data and insights on employee giving while establishing custom goals for your organization.

You no longer need to run pivot tables in Excel to understand where and why your employees give.

Retain Your Top Talent


of employees want to be involved in their company’s giving and volunteering programs.1


of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments.2


of employees feel a greater sense of purpose in their workplace when participating in workplace giving programs.3

1* Metric from Realizedworth.com July 2022, 2* Metric from Forbes 2019, 3* Metric from Fidelity Charitable 2022

Take Action and Establish a Hardship Relief Fund

Create a community of support by establishing a Hardship Relief Fund (HRF) for your employees or associated members.

Examples of Hardships Include:

  • Serious Illness or Injury
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Natural Disasters
Photo of two women hugging, one woman is supporting the other in a time of hardship.
Sign Up

1 Sign Up

Set up an HRF customized to your organization to fit the needs of your internal community

Build and Create

2 Build/Create

Establish the criteria and rules of your fund within the boundaries of your company interests


3 Fund

Your HRF can be contributed to by anyone, inside or outside of the organization


4 Empower

Quarterly reports are provided to give insight on internal corporate employee support

Employee Testimonials from
Hardship Relief Funds

“You guys really came through for me and not only financial ease the burden, but also alleviated the stress of the not knowing how and where help would come.”

Employee, January 2023

“Your kindness during one of my most dire times of need was overwhelming and an amazing act of kindness. I don’t know how I would have managed to make ends meet through that time.”

Employee, March 2022

“Your approval significantly relieves the tremendous burden I have experienced since my brother had his stroke. I am deeply grateful.”

Community Member, October 2022

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