Nearly 70% of All Charitable Giving in the U.S. comes from individuals

From dollars and time given, to your ability to inspire others, it’s time to understand the true value of your impact and those of everyday Philanthropists. Philanthropi empowers individuals, their families and network to donate to causes they believe in, at a pace they are comfortable with; with ease and transparency

Through our Impact Account individuals can set up personal foundations, free of the administrative stress. With an Impact Account™  you can:

Make Grants 

With Philanthropi, you can contribute dollars to your Impact Account weekly, monthly, or at your own pace. When you are ready, we make it easy to grant financial to support organizations and causes that matter to you.

Track Your Impact

We know that charitable support comes in many forms. From hours you have given through volunteering at your favorite organization and expertise shared through pro-bono work or board service to monetary and in-kind donations, with Philanthropi you track your impact and value of your support over time.

Rally Your Network

As the famous adage goes “Your Network is Your Networth.” Rally support from your coworkers, peers and family around causes that are dear to you. See the value of your combined efforts and the impact you have a made on the your local community and the world as a whole.


When you contribute to your Impact Account you receive an immediate tax-deductible donation. No matter how big or how small, your actions make a difference. By using Philanthropi, you’ll have a comprehensive picture of the impact and legacy you have built overtime.