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See How Far Your
Giving Goes

Every Impact Account™ includes a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard that tracks when, where, and how much is given from your personal foundation.

What is an Impact Account?

An Impact Account is a FREE personal charitable foundation for individuals & employees, allowing for the ability to manage a micro-donor advised fund*. Impact Accounts empower individuals to access, delegate and track tax-deductible contributions to nonprofits.

* Philanthropi Charitable is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization that manages and administers donor advised funds.

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Granting is Easy and Impactful

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Sign up to create your personal foundation


Contribute to your Impact Account™


Grant to the nonprofit of your choice


Watch your impact grow

Choose from over 1.3+ million nonprofit organizations to support

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Track your Four T’s of Philanthropic Giving


Dollars or assets contributed


Hours donated through time based volunteering


Pro bono or skilled volunteer work


Your local network and giving communities


“You guys really came through for me and not only financial ease the burden, but also alleviated the stress of the not knowing how and where help would come.”

Employee, January 2023

“Your kindness during one of my most dire times of need was overwhelming and an amazing act of kindness. I don’t know how I would have managed to make ends meet through that time.”

Employee, March 2022

“Your approval significantly relieves the tremendous burden I have experienced since my brother had his stroke. I am deeply grateful.”

Community Member, October 2022

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