Nearly 70% of All Charitable Giving in the U.S. comes from Individuals

From dollars and time given, to your ability to inspire others, it’s time to understand the true value of your impact and those of everyday Philanthropists. Philanthropi empowers individuals, their families and network to donate to causes they believe in, at a pace they are comfortable with; with ease and transparency.

Build Your Long Term Philanthropic Goals By Joining a Larger Community of Everyday Philanthropist 

The Philanthropi platform delivers personalized Impact Accounts™, which are uniquely curated for each user. A comprehensive and intuitive dashboard tracks when, where, and how much is given — whether that charitable act is time, treasure, talent or ties. This aggregated tracking provides easy-to-access information for tax purposes and for understanding the true impact of your giving. 

Through our Impact Account™ individuals can set up personal foundations, free of the administrative stress.

Start Giving Immediately to an
Employee Assistance Fund

In the wake of the global pandemic, Employers are responding to their work communities’ needs by establishing Employee Assistance Funds (EAF)

EAFs are created to help individuals who are facing financial hardship after an unforeseen personal hardship. It is funded with tax-deductible charitable contributions made by sponsor organizations and individuals interested in supporting the program.  These funds can make a broader array of tax-free distributions to individuals in your work community or extended network.