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Giving Season: Knowing Where Your Donations Can Do the Most Good

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Mary Thomforde

As the year draws to a close and festive cheer fills the air, November ushers in a season recognized for gratitude, reflection, and, most prominently, giving. Often referred to as the “Giving Season,” this time of year holds a special place in the hearts of many who seek to make a difference. With the holiday spirit inspiring acts of kindness, many look for opportunities to contribute to causes that resonate with them.

In the spirit of this season, we’ve timed the release of our latest blog post to coincide with this pivotal month. We intend to guide our readers during two crucial moments of the Giving Season. Firstly, the global phenomenon known as “Giving Tuesday” – a day dedicated to charitable donations, volunteer hours, and acts of goodwill. And secondly, to inspire those considering charitable donations as heartfelt gifts during the holiday season.

As you read on, we’ve spotlighted 12 nonprofits that stand out for their impact and dedication. This is our effort to ensure that your generosity, whether on Giving Tuesday or throughout the giving season, finds its way to organizations that truly make a difference even if you are feeling overwhelmed by options. Your contribution, whether big or small, can significantly bolster their missions.

November 2023 Nonprofit Spotlights:

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

  • Focus: Medical aid in crisis regions.
  • Why donate: They provide urgent medical care to victims of conflict, epidemics, or natural disasters across the globe.


  • Focus: Safe water and sanitation.
  • Why donate: They empower communities with access to safe water, fundamentally transforming lives.

The Nature Conservancy

  • Focus: Environmental preservation.
  • Why donate: Active in more than 70 countries, their efforts protect vital lands and waters.

National Council on Aging

  • Focus: Improving the lives of millions of older adults, especially those who are struggling.
  • Why donate: The first national voice for older adults. They are working to build a just and caring society in which each person lives with dignity, purpose, and security.

Feeding America

  • Focus: Hunger relief in the U.S.
  • Why donate: Their expansive network of food banks provides meals to millions.

Room to Read

  • Focus: Literacy and gender equality in education.
  • Why donate: Their initiatives have benefited millions in low-income countries by emphasizing literacy and girls’ education.

Direct Relief

  • Focus: Health assistance to enhance the lives of those affected by poverty or emergencies.
  • Why donate: Their efficient humanitarian aid strengthens global health infrastructures.

Save the Children

  • Focus: Children’s rights and relief.
  • Why donate: They advocate for children’s well-being, ensuring health, education, and protection.

Habitat for Humanity

  • Focus: Building homes and communities.
  • Why donate: Through global partnerships, they construct or refurbish homes for those in need.

The Trevor Project

  • Focus: Crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth.
  • Why donate: Their 24/7 support offers lifelines to vulnerable young individuals.

Solar Electric Light Fund

  • Focus: Combating climate change and poverty with solar energy.
  • Why donate: They strive to provide affordable solar lights in regions lacking electricity, which in turn benefits education, health, and the environment.

Against Malaria Foundation

  • Focus: Combating malaria all around the world.
  • Why donate: 100% of public donations fund the purchase and distribution of long-lasting insecticidal nets to combat preventable diseases.

FAQ Section

1. How can I be sure that my donation is being used effectively?

  • Most nonprofits, especially the established ones, publish annual reports detailing their financials and project outcomes. It’s advisable to review these before making a decision.

2. Can I set up recurring donations?

  • Yes! Philanthropi allows you to choose a nonprofit of your choice to set up a recurring grant to! While giving is at an all-time high during the last two months of the year, nonprofits are running their organizations all year round! Setting up a recurring grant ensures their stability for the entire year.

3. Are my contributions tax-deductible?

  • All grants made through the Philanthropi platform are done to reputable organizations which have passed all IRS guidelines for tax deductibility. You are able to donate with confidence when granting through Philanthropi!

4. Can I volunteer instead of donating money?

  • Absolutely! Many of these organizations welcome volunteers. It’s a great way to be hands-on and witness the direct impact of your contribution. We encourage you to reach out to the nonprofit directly to ensure you are able to keep updated on the best opportunities for you.

5. How do these nonprofits ensure transparency?

  • Reputable nonprofits value transparency and regularly share updates, financial statements, and project outcomes with their donors and the public. While these reports are sometimes difficult to sift through, organizations like GiveWell.com, CharityNavigator.com, or Guidestar.com help to offer a more well-rounded view of organizations in comparison to others in their space.

6. How did Philanthropi decide on these 12 nonprofits?

  • Our team diligently examined the transparency and effectiveness of each nonprofit. This thorough evaluation, encompassing twelve different nonprofit sectors, guided our selection of these options. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we would love to hear if there are other nonprofit organizations you think we should include in the future! 

7. Where did the term “Giving Season” come from?

  • “Giving Season” refers to the last two months of the year, when charitable giving is at its peak. Not only does Giving Season have a rich history, but a common practice has grown around it that has benefits for both gifters and giftees. In 1917, tax benefits were put into place around charitable giving in the United States, which has played an important role in bolstering giving among individuals and corporations.

Are you intrigued by the power of giving during the Giving Season? Explore Philanthropi’s customizable, data-driven approach to corporate giving, including offerings like the Impact Account™. Together, let’s amplify your positive impact on the world!

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