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Micro Philanthropy 101

By: Philanthropi
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How Micro-philanthropy drives collective impact.

Phrases like “Every dollar counts” or “We’re stronger together” are frequent taglines we see in fundraising campaigns, and as cliche as these idioms can be, they’re 100% #facts.

It’s easy for individual givers to deceive themselves into believing the small donations they give to a charity don’t count, especially when comparing the amount you give to the large endowments of super wealthy philanthropists like MacKenzie Scott.  But it’s everyday philanthropists like you who make the greatest impact, especially when you give more often.

Micro Philanthropy, as defined by Wikipedia, is a form of charitable donation small in the donated amount.  These donations can typically range between $.25 and $25.  Opportunities to give in smaller amounts are at grocery stores, with smartphones, and Round-up.  The greatest benefit of micro philanthropy is that the donations are so small that people give them without a second thought.

Micro philanthropy is the secret weapon of everyday philanthropists and for non-profits alike because it allows everyone to give regardless of their socioeconomic status. Smartphones and platforms like PayPal and Philanthropi’s Impact Accounts TM, make the collection and distribution of donations easier than ever.

Donating in smaller amounts is also shifting the power of philanthropy. Millennials and Gen Z now outnumber Baby Boomers in charitable giving. Gen Z is considered the most socially conscious generation to date. Thirty-two percent of them donate their own money, giving in smaller amounts, and 26% of Gen Z volunteer on a regular basis. In 2020, Gen Z is 2.6 billion strong.

Benefits of giving in smaller amounts
For individuals, there are significant benefits to micro philanthropy. 

1. The ability to raise more money 
Smaller donations given more often over time can add up. For instance, the nonprofit fundraising campaign for 2010 Haitian earthquake relief raised over $30 million from text message donations from micro donors like you.

2. Find new causes to support
Giving in smaller amounts enables micro donors to explore more charities that are outside of their normal donor base. This enables you to broaden your philanthropic footprint, which is always a great thing.

3. Become an advocate to your cause
Limited donor sources constantly cause non-profits to scramble for funds, and not everyone can give a large donation. With micro philanthropy you can convince friends, family, and other members of your network to give a small donation of even $25 to a charity your passionate about, helping that nonprofit meet their fundraising goals.

Close to a third of annual nonprofit giving occurs in December. Add months that call attention to certain causes, like breast cancer awareness month, and nonprofits have only a few occasions to collect the crucial funding needed to support their charity.  Micro philanthropy and the small amounts given by you and other everyday philanthropists create a reciprocal bond that is twofold – charities know they’ll have yearlong support and you know you are creating a greater social impact that expands your philanthropic legacy.

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