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The Benefits Of Recurring Donations

By: Philanthropi
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Three ways recurring donations can amplify your giving

Like exercise, drinking water, or eating more vegetables, setting a recurring donation is a practice that’s good for you and has the added benefit of helping others. As a “Giving as a Service” TM platform, Philanthropi makes it easy for new givers as well as those who have dedicated charities they support, to give with our recurring donations platform.

If you’re ready to amplify your giving, making a recurring donation to your favorite charity is one of the best ways to do it. Below we list three major benefits of making your automatic charity donations part of your weekly or monthly routine.

  1. Convenience

    Giving on a monthly basis is a great way to incorporate charitable donations into your budget. Small amounts of $25 or less each month, also known as micro-philanthropy,are easier to maintain than trying to provide a large donation on Giving Tuesday. Setting up an automatic recurring donation also takes the pressure off of remembering to give to your favorite charity. You just set up your recurring donation and let the automated service do the rest.

  2. You get to view the impact of your giving

    Monthly recurring gifts enable you to see the impact of your donation. Recurring donations amplify your giving because it establishes an ongoing connection with the charity.  The organization also knows that you’re a dedicated donor, and  they’ll keep you up to date on new innovations and programs, which enables you to see where your money is going.  Your giving may also be amplified by the opportunity to have your voice heard within the charity as they may seek your opinion or provide access to become more involved with their organization.

  3. Recurring donations help your organization’s budget

    Recurring donations from individuals help charities to maintain consistency. Frequent donors assist their favorite charities in saving time and money. Charities can also spend their time prospecting for new donors instead of having to spend their budget reaching out to existing donors who give infrequently.

With Philanthropi, recurring donations create a community and build a legacy.

Philanthropi makes it simple to set up a recurring donation. Our Impact Account TM makes recurring donations through automatic payments to your favorite charity or round up for charity easily through our giving platform which can be connected to an ACH debit card or AMEX card. Our platform also allows users to track their donations so they can see the true influence of their charitable giving.