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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a Donation Tracker

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Benefits of Donation Trackers



For nonprofits, it is common knowledge that donors are more likely to support an organization or cause if they feel they understand the organization’s work. They must know that their investment is being put to work. One of the most important things for a nonprofit organization’s success is maintaining effective relationships with its donors.  Keeping a 360-degree view of their engagement does just that. And this view is best found by the use of a donation tracker and by integrating a donor management platform.

A donor management platform is a database that helps nonprofits organize their donor information and offers better insight into their donors. Any organization, regardless of size, can benefit from donation tracking.

Below are five reasons that prove the benefits of the functionality that a modern donor management system provides for a nonprofit organization:


  1. Gain a Better Understanding of Your Donors

    Donor management software helps you to obtain large amounts of data on donors and volunteers. This can help you target the right audience and increase your organization’s efficiency. You can discover trends and opportunities right within your donors, as well as provide insight into how to target new prospective donors. 

  2. Donation Tracking Means Easier Management

    One of the main functions of donor management software is to make managing your donations easier to track by keeping all your information in one place.

  3. Spread your Reach to Corporate Philanthropists

    Corporations that take their social responsibility seriously are gold and can bring another source of revenue for nonprofit organizations. One of the best ways to capitalize on this resource is by offering a matching-gifts program in which a corporation matches their employee’s donations to your organization on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis.

  4. Save Time for Your Staff

    The automated capability of donor management software helps you and your staff save precious time. Giving you the ability to focus on the mission and the fundraising goals of your organization.  You use the platform to create task reminders when it’s time to reach out to your donors.

  5. Make Giving Easier for Donors

    Donors want and appreciate an online giving platform that provides giving features that allow them to donate online. Even more so when they have access to their records electronically when they need it during tax season. Donor management software offers nonprofits an online fundraising tool that allows donors to continue giving.

Philanthropi is an online giving platform that provides nonprofit organizations with a tool that allows them to track their donations and connect with prospective donors enabling them to spread their message to a new audience. 

Beyond functioning as a donation tracker, our platform will provide you with the data that can help you make better decisions about your fundraising goals. To learn more about how Philanthropi can help your nonprofit reach the next level, connect with us at www. philanthropi.com/nonprofits.


About Philanthropi

Founded in Philadelphia in 2019, Philanthropi is revolutionary charitable giving by democratizing philanthropy through its giving-as-a-service platform. Allowing everyday donors to seamlessly support their favorite nonprofit organizations.

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