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An All-In-One

Giving Solution

Philanthropi’s innovative platform enables companies, individuals, and nonprofits to choose where they create and sustain their philanthropic goals

Empower your Internal Giving Community with an Impact Account™

An Impact Account is a personal charitable foundation for individual employees with the ability to manage a micro donor-advised fund.

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Screenshot of an Impact Account's balance. The account has $50.00 available to contribute and has a button to the left which encourages the user to contribute more

Trusted by Leading Brands

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Philanthropi Can Integrate Seamlessly With Your Organization

Philanthropi’s corporate giving solutions amplify the impact of your corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

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All Contributions to your Impact Account are Tax-Deductible

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Empower & Retain your Top Talent

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Easy Setup for Payroll Contributions

A screen of the Philanthropi App is shown with a pie chart outlining that this is a part of the application where you are able to find your Insight Report to get realtime feedback on the performance of the program

Real-Time Insights on Employee Impact

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Reduce your Corporate Tax Liabilities

A large box with the Philanthropi Heart Logo sits in the middle of a circle with two coins being placed into it, showing that you are able to match your employee's grants easily with the Philanthropi platform

Create a Seamless Matching Program

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Expand Your Philanthropic Footprint

Become part of the community that’s transforming the giving ecosystem for social good.