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Empowering Everyone to Create Impact

Access charities you care about, discover new causes and connect with other philanthropists

Philanthropi - The Giving Company™
Philanthropi is The Giving Company™

The Future of Giving

Philanthropi is leading the next generation of philanthropy and philanthropists through its innovative giving platform.

Our Vision

Philanthropi’s innovative platform enables individuals to create a philanthropic legacy, foster deeper connections between charities, and build community.

A Tool For The Passionate Giver

Amplifying Your Impact

An Impact Account™ enables individuals to create a philanthropic legacy, foster deeper connections with charities, and build a greater community.

A Personal Foundation For Everyone

Our platform enables givers to not only track their donation dollars, but other ways of giving, and provides easy-to-access tax information.


Broaden Your Support Network

Our platform allows charities to create personalized relationships with givers and connect with potential donors who support their cause.

Bridging the gap

Gen Z and Millennials are projected to be the next wave of Philanthropic contributors. 

Did you know

Individuals in the U.S. contribute $193 billion of their time to volunteer annually.

Foster Greater Corporate Social Responsibility

Increase employee engagement and loyalty. Our platform streamlines the giving experience and offers metric tools for employees and corporations to truly measure their collective impact for the causes they truly care about. 


Expand Your Philanthropic Footprint

Become part of the community that’s transforming the giving ecosystem for social good.