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The Power of Setting Giving Goals: Boost Your Philanthropic Footprint

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Mary Thomforde

We all want to make a difference in today’s rapidly changing world. While spontaneous giving has its merits, there’s something to be said for structured, planned philanthropy. Enter the concept of Giving Goals. By setting precise targets, individuals and businesses can ensure they make a meaningful impact and derive the most benefits from their giving efforts. In fact, it is known that those who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve said goal, just by writing it down.

Why Set Giving Goals?

Defined Purpose:

With specific goals, you know exactly where your contributions are going. It helps direct your philanthropy towards causes that matter most to you.

Consistent Contribution:

Establishing a target ensures regular donations throughout the year, making you a reliable benefactor for the causes you support.

Maximized Impact:

A structured approach means you can evaluate your giving, make adjustments if necessary, and ensure that every dollar creates a ripple effect of positive change.

Philanthropi’s New Feature: Giving Goals

We at Philanthropi are excited to introduce our newest feature, which allows you to set your Giving Goals. Whether you’d like to pledge a fixed monetary amount or allocate a percentage of your yearly salary, our platform will enable you to tailor your commitments according to your preferences.


At Philanthropi, we understand the diverse needs of our partners. Hence, our platform allows you to customize your goals according to your comfort.


Benefit from a dashboard that showcases your giving impact over time, allowing you to see the tangible differences you’re making. Also, it allows you to know the amount needed per month to get you to your goal.

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, it’s also worth highlighting the financial advantages of philanthropic giving:

Tax-Deductible Donations:

By funneling your donations through channels like Philanthropi’s Impact Account™, you can ensure your contributions are tax-deductible. Undoubtedly, cutting out the potential for a charitable gift to go to a non-verified cause. This is especially beneficial for our employer partners, as it offers a viable means to make an impact while optimizing financial advantages.

Plan for Year-End:

By setting and monitoring your Giving Goals, you can anticipate your year-end tax situation and make a plan for your contributions to maximize deductions.

Leverage Employer’s Hardship Relief Funds:

Along with setting personal giving goals, small businesses keen on corporate social responsibility can also use Philanthropi’s Hardship Relief Funds to benefit their employees and society, ensuring the maximum tax deductions available to their businesses.

In the world of philanthropy, many believe that a top-down approach works best. However, we at Philanthropi advocate for a bottoms-up philosophy. Moreover, we believe the collective impact is magnified exponentially by empowering individuals and employees to set their own Giving Goals.

Setting clear Giving Goals can help streamline our philanthropic endeavors as we navigate the complex avenues of making a difference. After all, a structured approach to giving amplifies the impact and ensures that every giver reaps the rewards of their generosity. Especially since Philanthropi’s innovative solution makes setting and achieving these goals even easier. Make your mark today!

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