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Showing a little love to a few of the causes we support

Group of young volunteers woman smiling happy make heart symbol with hands together to support those feeling hardship
Mary Thomforde

Mary Thomforde

Philanthropy is an Intimate Relationship


At Philanthropi, we know people choose to give to the causes they support based on personal experiences. These experiences inspire us to become empowered to use our voices, time, and other resources for something other than ourselves, creating positive ripples in the communities we live in and the world.

Philanthropy is also a reciprocal relationship. Nonprofit organizations are created to champion a cause and organize to bring about social good. In turn, these organizations depend on the contributions of everyday philanthropists motivated by the same cause to participate in the charity ecosystem.


At Philanthropi, we strive to create a bridge between every day donors and nonprofit organizations creating awareness on both sides of this mutually beneficial mission to bring about a better society. In this spotlight, we would like to shout out the organizations who are tirelessly working to bring about positive change with the causes we support as a company. 


Trevor Project

In the wake of recent events that have captured the headlines, the purpose of the Trevor Project is more important than ever. The mission of the Trevor Project is to end suicide amount lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning young people. Their vision is to help facilitate a world where all LGBTQ young people see a bright future for themselves.


Why is this a cause we Support?


Every individual has the right to find their place in this world. By providing crisis services, peer support, public education, advocacy and constant research to improve services, the Trevor Project strives to make the world an equitable place for all who inhabit it and bring hope to future generations.




Founded by Marisa C. Weiss, MD, Breast Cancer.org because cancer patients need more time to ask critical questions about their care. Since its founding, Breastcancer.org has become a lifeline to millions of people affected by breast cancer. As a 24/7 365-day resource, this organization helps patients and their families find the answers they seek regarding risk-factors, diagnosis, course of treatment, surgical options and more.


Why is this a cause we support?


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer. It not only affects the individual diagnosed, but it also affects the individual’s family and friends. Breastcancer.org helps those who are recently diagnosed, those in treatment, those finished treatment, care givers and more the ability to live a full life beyond breast cancer.


Save the Children

Nothing speaks more about a society than the state of its most vulnerable – its children. Championing the rights and safety of children has made Save the Children a global movement.


Why is this a cause we support?


Save the Children’s mission is to keep children safe from harm. Transforming their future by helping them have a healthy start, which can have lasting impact on their lives and the world.


What is a cause that YOU want to support?


Log in or sign up and contribute to your Impact Account™ so you can grant a gift to one of your favorite nonprofits. We have a database of over 1.3 million nonprofits for you to choose from.

About Philanthropi


Philanthropi is leading the next generation of philanthropy through its innovative giving platform. It is aimed at democratizing giving for everyone and amplifying their impact. By partnering with financial institutions, employers, universities, and non-profit organizations, Philanthropi fosters new levels of engagement. Empowering everyday donors to support their favorite non-profit organizations with the click of a button. Tapping into the largest donor segment – the everyday philanthropist – Philanthropi unlocks the potential of the charitable ecosystem.


For more information, visit www.philanthropi.com

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