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Nonprofit Partnerships

Pride Month 2023

Philanthropi cares about everyone in our community, including LGBTQIA+ individuals. We believe in treating everyone fairly and equitably, which is why we are highlighting nonprofit

Nonprofit Partnerships

Family Wellness Month 2023

Featured Nonprofits for Family Wellness Month with Philanthropi: YMCA YMCA is dedicated to providing comprehensive programs and services that enrich communities and all of the

Nonprofit Partnerships

Earth Month 2023

Our duty as inhabitants of this planet is to make conscientious decisions that help protect our home. That is why April is dedicated to Earth

Nonprofit Partnerships

Disability Awareness Month

Happy March, everyone! This month is National Disability Awareness Month. Many of us share support for the disabled community, whether it be a family or

Nonprofit Partnerships

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: Survivor Stories

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Survivor Stories Though there are several different types of breast cancer, each type falls into one of two overarching categories: invasive breast

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