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Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day: Raise Awareness & Support

Mary Thomforde

Mary Thomforde

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day is this week!

Triple-negative breast cancer, or TNBC, is an aggressive kind of cancer that grows and spreads quickly, does not respond to hormone therapy, and has a higher risk of recurrence. As a result, triple-negative breast cancer can be a challenge to treat. 

Of course, a TNBC diagnosis doesn’t mean that treatment is impossible! With major advancements in science and medicine, more and more women are being presented with opportunities to receive more effective treatment

If you or someone you know has been affected by triple-negative breast cancer, today is the perfect day to celebrate their strength and courage. It’s also a great day to advocate for increased awareness about this type of cancer and to garner community support. 

We are honored to share that we have partnered with and established a matching campaign Breastcancer.org, the world’s leading online resource for breast cancer. This is your exciting opportunity to double the effect of your donation! When you give to Breastcancer.org through Philanthropi, we’ll match* your donation


Every year, March 3 is an extremely special day worldwide. 

On March 3, we make the point to take the time to honor our fellow patients and survivors of triple-negative breast cancer. As a community, this is a day to not only come together but to work together and establish support together

Because even though we are not all patients of triple-negative breast cancer, together, we are all triple-negative breast cancer survivors. You don’t have to look very hard or search very far to draw a line connecting you to someone with experience with this illness. Today is your chance to celebrate them! 

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Day 2023

This year, Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Day falls on a Friday. 

It’s up to each individual how they celebrate the day, but it’s a great idea to take advantage of the whole work week before and the following weeks, to try and help raise awareness of TNBC. 

For example, you can print out fliers that share information about triple-negative breast cancer and highlight giving opportunities. Hang them up around the office and on local community bulletins. 

Or, you could set up a donation station in the office, with a sign indicating that all raised funds will go towards further research and advancement of triple-negative breast cancer treatments. 

Remember that every voice and effort matters, no matter what you do!

What Fuels Triple-Negative Breast Cancer?

There are three prevalent risk factors in regard to women who are diagnosed with TNBC:

  1. Younger than 40 years old
  2. They are Black
  3. They have the BRCA1 mutation

Because triple-negative breast cancer tests negative for the three primary breast cancer treatment targets, the illness is more difficult to treat and more likely to come back. Since hormone therapy is ineffective, treatment plans almost always include chemotherapy. 

Unfortunately, chemotherapy is expensive! But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our part to help. Remember, every voice, every effort, and every dollar supports the TNBC community– which means it supports everyone’s community

Moreover, as treatment options are actively being discovered and improved upon, patients are getting the opportunity to safely incorporate additional therapy methods into their treatment plans. 

So while the general prognosis for triple-negative breast cancer isn’t very promising, the progress and advancement in TNBC-effective treatment are

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Merchandise

Want to show your support for TNBC and help raise awareness immediately? 

Of course you do!

One of the easiest and most popular ways to show your support for breast cancer is by wearing pink. However, the color pink isn’t for everyone, and some prefer to show their support for triple-negative breast cancer in a more quiet, personal way. 

So if pink isn’t your color or you want to participate more directly, here’s a great alternative: you can make a donation to a charitable organziation of your choice. 

We’re so thrilled about partnering with Breastcancer.org, and we want you to join in on our celebration! That’s why when you create a Philanthropi Impact Account and grant funds to Breastcancer.org, Philanthropi will match* your donation

* Philanthropi will match up to $5,000 total within the month of March 2023.

Learn More about how to donate towards Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness on the Philanthropi Platform.


Is triple-negative breast cancer considered rare?

Is triple-negative breast cancer the hardest to treat?

  • TNBC is an aggressive type of breast cancer, and it can quickly grow and spread throughout the body. It is considered one of the more difficult types of breast cancer to treat since hormone therapy is ineffective, and it is also more likely to recur than other types of breast cancer. 

What kills triple-negative breast cancer?

  • TNBC treatment plans often include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy medicines. Chemotherapy is almost always a key part of treatment.

Is there a survival rate for triple-negative metastatic breast cancer?

  • According to data from the SEER program, the 5-year survival rate for women diagnosed with TNBC decreases as cancer spreads to further parts of the body:
    • Localized TNBC: 91.3%
    • Regional TNBC: 65.8%
    • Distant TNBC: 12%

What is the life expectancy of someone with triple-negative breast cancer?

  • Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast easy answer to this TNBC question. However, from the statistics in the question above, we can see that life expectancy decreases the further triple-negative breast cancer spreads from its origin.
    Nevertheless, treatment plans can be effective, and there are plenty of women who survive a TNBC diagnosis–including secondary triple-negative breast cancer diagnoses. 

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