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ESG Philanthropy
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ESG Philanthropy: The Hottest Trend in Giving

What is ESG Philanthropy? ESG philanthropy refers to the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors into philanthropic decision-making and strategy. It’s not just about

Nonprofit Partnerships

Pride Month 2023

Philanthropi cares about everyone in our community, including LGBTQIA+ individuals. We believe in treating everyone fairly and equitably, which is why we are highlighting nonprofit

Nonprofit Partnerships

Family Wellness Month 2023

Featured Nonprofits for Family Wellness Month with Philanthropi: YMCA YMCA is dedicated to providing comprehensive programs and services that enrich communities and all of the

Think Lab

Corporate Philanthropy Made Easy

There are several different forms of corporate philanthropy that companies can choose to engage in depending on their goals and resources. We are here to help.

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