What Ignites the Power of Giving in You?

Posted 11.10.2020 1 min read

As the Season of Giving approaches and the world prepares for exploring it amidst a new normal onset by the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to ground ourselves in purpose and encouragement to support communities in need globally. As a member of the Philanthropi network, it’s understood that service, charity, and giving are values you share. But, with newly higher stakes, has your reason for championing philanthropy changed or grown?

Philanthropi is working tirelessly to meet the increasing demand for philanthropic support tools, and this effort is powered by our team’s individual motivations and collective commitment. Each day we reaffirm the various reasons “why” we are in this much-needed effort to better resource causes that matter in our lives and those of others everywhere. The unique drives of each member of our collective are significant and help us to design and curate diverse tools that make giving seamless and sustainable.

But, we can’t reach our highest possibilities without the hearts of those who utilize our platforms for the greater good. People like YOU.

So, what’s your “why”? Share with Us.


Reasons to Give in September

Every month we’d like to remind you of the power of giving. September offers opportunities to learn about new charities and causes; to commit to your philanthropic goals by donating via your Impact Account and sharing the good news with others! Take a look at some of the days ahead.

Posted 08.31.2020 1 min read

Reasons to Give in October

Our giving community thrives. The number of grants made to charities have steadily increased while the length of time monetary contributions stay in individual Impact Accounts has decreased. Our community is eager to give and continues to support charities that are creating social change.

Posted 09.24.2020 1 min read