Reasons to Give in October

Posted 09.24.2020 1 min read

2020 has marked several societal shifts that have challenged the livelihoods of many but still our giving community thrives. The number of grants made to charities have steadily increased while the length of time monetary contributions stay in individual Impact Accounts has decreased. This supports our theory that a charitable giving velocity truly exists! Our community is eager to give and continues to support charities that are creating social change.

Download the full October giving calendar today:

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Reasons to Give in August

Welcome August! This month offers plenty of opportunities to give back to non-profit organizations and causes that you care about.

Posted 07.30.2020 1 min read

Reasons to Give in September

Every month we’d like to remind you of the power of giving. September offers opportunities to learn about new charities and causes; to commit to your philanthropic goals by donating via your Impact Account and sharing the good news with others! Take a look at some of the days ahead.

Posted 08.31.2020 1 min read