Leverage Your Voice

Posted 06.13.2020 1 min read

What Drives Us?...Who Drives Us? Thank you to the people and companies who have made a conscious decision to recognize the importance of Juneteenth! We continue to applaud the many charities and causes that have committed themselves to uplifting the Black community...You Drive Us! Follow us as we spotlight one charity every hour! Get to know them. Learn More. Leverage Your Voice. Give Back.

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Create a Bridge of Support for Your Employees

Hardship relief funds offer the ability to respond to urgent employee financial needs via a quick set-up designed for immediate utility.

Posted 06.02.2020 1 min read

Reasons to Give in September

Every month we’d like to remind you of the power of giving. September offers opportunities to learn about new charities and causes; to commit to your philanthropic goals by donating via your Impact Account and sharing the good news with others! Take a look at some of the days ahead.

Posted 08.31.2020 1 min read