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Join our national launch with AMEX as a Featured Charity!

As a featured charity, your organization will receive a special opportunity to engage our valuable network of donors as we launch with American Express.

It's simple to join!

An easy-to-use giving solution

Step 1:

Initiate a matching campaign

Amplify your community engagement with Philanthropi. Find your matching donor(s).

Enrich your culture of giving by challenging a donor to match $10,000 or more in donations given through the Philanthropi Giving Platform.

Step 2:

Become a Featured Charity

By accepting our invitation, your organization will be showcased on the donor dashboard.

Our team will help to promote your organization and create visibility to a large audience of every day givers that may want to support your organization and its cause.

Featured Partner Benefits

Amplify Your Donations

Use your donors to create a match opportunity and amplify the impact of your existing donors. 

Reach More Long-tail donors

Infrequent donors are given the ability to set up recurring grants to your organization.

Marketing Materials

Philanthropi provides the tools needed to help promote your organization on The Giving Platform.

Get the tools you need for success

As a featured charity, your organization will receive a special opportunity to engage our valuable network of donors as we launch with American Express.

Our toolkit includes:

A step-by-step guide that helps you engage your community and teach them how they cna support your organization

Promote your partnership with Philanthropi on your social media and to your supporters

Announce your partnership with Philanthropi to your audience, notifying them of this new way of democratizing philanthropy

Featured Charities FAQs

An easy-to-use giving solution

  1. Philanthropi makes grants only to IRS-qualified public charities.  We strongly recommend updating your Guidestar profile as it is where we gather our data for your organization.  This ensures that donors have the most accurate information.
  2. The organization must use the provided marketing toolkit as a way to promote donating to their organization on the Philanthropi Giving Platform.

A Philanthropi Impact Account™ is a donor-advised fund (DAF). A DAF is a special account that lets donors make contributions, immediately see the tax benefit but defer grants to a later date.

Donors can start their philanthropic journey with Philanthropi following three simple steps:

  1. Create an Impact Account
  2. Contribute to the Impact Account
  3. Donate to the charities of your choice, as long as they are registered as a 5013C

Currently, you will receive a paper check in the mail.  Grants are typically processed in 5-7 business days.  Starting sometime in the fall, Philanthropi will have an ACH solution.

You will receive the name of the donor’s DAF/Impact Account.

No, a Philanthropi Impact account is a donor-advised fund (DAF) which means the donor receives the tax deduction when they make a contribution into their Impact Account. Donors do not receive a second tax credit when your organization receives the funds via a grant.

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