What is an Impact Account™?
Your Philanthropi account is a donor-advised fund (DAF). A DAF is a special account that lets donors make contributions, immediately see the tax benefit but defer grants to a later date.

What is an Employee Assistance Fund?
An Employee Assistance Fund is a  program created to help relieve working families of unexpected financial hardship.  Your Fund will be composed of tax-deductible charitable contributions made by your company and individuals interested in supporting this program. 

What is a contribution?
A contribution describes money flowing into your account.

What is a grant?
A grant describes money flowing from your account to a charity or funds available to employees facing financial hardship. 

Are my grants tax deductible?
Grant recipients are not required to pay taxes on monies received. 

Are my contributions tax deductible?
Yes. Your Philanthropi Impact AccountTM is a donor advised fund (DAF) this means that every dollar you add to your account is tax deductible.

Are there any processing fees?
No! The full value of the grant you make goes to the charities and causes you choose.

I’d like to offer an Impact AccountTM and/or an Employee Assistance Fund. How can I get started?
Great, send an email to our sales team connect@philanthropi.com and we’ll respond promptly.

How are charities added to the database?
Philanthropi utilizes the IRS database to approve and add organizations to our database. Once grants are made to charities of choice, they are contacted to join our platform for additional grants and resources.

I’d like to create a Philanthropi account, how can I get started?
Great, share this information with your CSR leader or HR Executive and we can schedule a demo.