The Next Generation of Corporate Social Responsibility

More than ever, employees aspire to work for socially responsible companies. 

55% would opt to work for a company that matches their social values, even at a lower salary. 

When companies deploy effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, employee engagement, retention, and productivity increases dramatically.

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Philanthropi allows for companies to implement data-driven Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs that track key insights and identify the common philanthropic interests that will strengthen your internal community.  

Philanthropi combines technology and easy access to a personal Impact Account  to empower employees to track and make a difference over time:

Track Data
Whether through Time, Talent, or Treasure, Philanthropi makes it easy for employers to have a real-time snapshot of the impact their employees are making.

Visualize Impact
See the impact your organization has had on the community.

Rally Your Network
Support and encourage your employees, to learn about causes that no only matter to you, but to each other.

Increase Engagement
As employees track their time and donations, employers are able to strengthen employee engagement and alignment in their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.