Committed to innovation and technology for the betterment of philanthropy

Together we work to identify new ways to simplify and amplify charitable giving

United in our mission to democratize philanthropy

We believe in a shared commitment between individuals and their workplace communities in driving life-changing support. Individuals should be empowered and given the tools to streamline and optimize their philanthropic efforts. Companies should create purpose driven programs that align with their employees' and associated members' immediate needs and interests.

Meet the Team

Everyday people, more than foundations or corporations, are the primary growth drivers for giving, and traditional metrics for quantifying philanthropy, can and should, be disrupted. We are everyday philanthropists.

Keith Leaphart

CEO and Founder

Dr. Leaphart is a dynamic leader and global influencer. He is passionate about inspiring and empowering young people to maximize their potential. With experience in business, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, he is committed to breaking down barriers and disrupting systemic bad habits that prohibit everyday people from becoming committed philanthropists.

Jerry Johnson

Chairman of the Board

Jerry Johnson is a founder and serves as Executive Chairman for Philanthropi and President and CEO of Axum Advisors. Mr. Johnson brings over 25 years of public company, corporate, governmental and fundraising experience.

Joe Cotellese

Chief Product Officer

Joe Cotellese is a thought leader in product management, bringing over 20 years’ experience in technical, strategic, and management roles to Philanthropi. He has worked across a broad range of industries, from pre-investment startups to large corporations. His endless curiosity, passion for building great products, and desire to do meaningful work helps Philanthropi realize the vision of making everyone a philanthropist.

Kimberly Naples

VP of Client Engagement

Kim Naples is responsible for all client relationships from inception through post-live activities; including business development initiatives, on boarding, training and implementation. Her acute understanding of client needs has been valuable in building sales strategies and designing product launches.

Yenssy Goyins


Yenssy brings a strategic approach to building and launching culturally relevant cross-platform marketing campaigns for brand development and product launches. With consumer research and content building expertise, she leads user engagement programs and partnership opportunities. Her personal commitment to charities and causes that build better communities for children fuels her passion for philanthropy.

Al Motley


Al Motley is the managing partner at Techademics a technology company focused on innovation in education, social impact philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. He brings his passion for Innovation and Data Analytics to the Philanthropi team.

Karen Belsito

VP of Operations and Data Analytics

Karen is a strategic thinker, problem solver, and efficiency enthusiast. Working closely with C-suite executives in the Education and Non-profit sector, Karen has successfully merged her unique abilities to assess human behavior and data mining to offer practical solutions for operations, human resources, and donor engagement initiatives.

Chris King

Lead Developer

Chris started making websites in high school, mostly for his various bands and is now a full stack developer and has worked on everything from hobby projects, brand new startups and huge mega-corps.

David Meickle


David Meikle is a program design specialist and former ‘kid prodigy’ in software design. He has more than 20 years experience in computers, networking systems, software design, and product development management.

Advised by Industry Leaders

Scott Hofmann

Operations and New Business

Scott Hofmann is Vice President at Capgemini where he leads the North American Asset & Wealth Management portfolio and is responsible for all clients in this space. Scott focuses on excellence in large scale Digital Innovation and Transformation, User Experience and Design, IT Strategy, Application Development, and Integration.

Brad Caswell

Finance and Grant Funding

Brad is President at the Acadia Squam Group and VP-Business Development with Charitable Solutions, LLC. With a results oriented history in both for-profit and non-profit industries he advises in business operations/logistics, financial transaction mgmt, call center/customer service, team building, and contingency preparedness.

Growing a business that is built on the concept of helping people help others has been the most rewarding work throughout my professional career.
Keith Leaphart


Philanthropi is able to offer the technological solutions to establish funds, for individuals and organizations, that can amplify internal and external social giving goals with the support of Philanthropi Charitable, a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Philanthropi Charitable manages and administers tax-exempt grants to IRS qualified public charities with a mission to make charitable giving easier, more seamless, and more social across the United States and worldwide.

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A GiVE card allows anyone to accelerate impact by giving them a tangible tool with which to create their own Impact Account and manage funds at their own pace. Designed for utility regardless of organizational structure and available to individuals to support philanthropic passions and overall charitable impact. Be an active participant in employee engagement tools! #employeeengagement