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Philanthropi & Breastcancer.org

People with breast cancer need answers, guidance, and community support. You can help by creating your own personal foundation today.

Matching funds are available for Breastcancer.org today!

Donate to Breastcancer.org via the Philanthropi platform and your funds will be matched* to impact those with triple-negative breast cancer.

*Up to $5,000 total within the month of March 2023.

Founded by renowned breast oncologist, 
Marisa C. Weiss, MD

Breastcancer.org is an educational and supportive lifeline for millions. Providing reliable answers to questions about risk, diagnosis, treatment plans, and surgical options to ensure those affected can make the best decisions for their lives.


No one should face breast cancer alone.

triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer is Deadlier for Black Women

Due to a number of factors, Black women who are diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer are 28% more likely to die from the disease than white women with the same diagnosis. 1

triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership

If you or someone in your life has been diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, or TNBC, you may find…

triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership

Though there are several different types of breast cancer, each type falls into one of two categories…

triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership
Triple-negative breast cancer, or TNBC, is an aggressive kind of cancer that grows and spreads quickly, does not respond to hormone therapy…

This March, we are coming together to bring awareness to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

You can help. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of millions.

Creating an Impact Account with Philanthropi means you will have access to a personal foundation which you are able to use to track your giving, participate in matching programs like this one, and watch your impact amplify.

Through the donation of a generous giver, you are able to double your impact to Breastcancer.org for the month of March.

Phone with an Impact Account on the screen showing the ability to contribute to an account and the ability to grant to a charity. Philanthropi will match up to $5,000 of grants for the month of March 2023 to Breastcancer.org to support Triple-Negative Breast Cancer awareness

Taking action is as easy as:

The Number One with a hand holding money next to it. triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership

Create your account and send a grant

The Number Three with a hands holding a heart between them. triple-negative breast cancer matching partnership

Watch your philanthropic legacy grow

So set up your personal foundation with Philanthropi, and double your impact to those who need answers, guidance and community.

Benefits of an Impact Account

An easy-to-use giving solution

Measure Your Impact

Uniquely curated for you, your Impact Account gives you access to your own personal foundation. The causes you donate to are based on your interests and yours alone.

Amplifies Giving

Making an impact is important, but creating a community around giving amplifies your impact. As an individual donor, you are creating more than just ripples, you are creating waves.

Enabling Corporate Engagement

Does your employer or company give back? Is philanthropy a part of your rituals in the workplace? At Philanthropi, we believe that everyone’s impact contributes to a greater good.

Still have questions?

Our mission is to lead the next generation of philanthropy through our innovative giving platform, which democratizes giving for everyone and amplifies their impact. We foster new levels of engagement by tapping into the largest donor segment – the everyday philanthropist.

A Philanthropi Impact Account is a donor-advised fund (DAF). A DAF is a special account that allows you to make contributions and immediately see the tax benefit but defer grants to the cause you care about at a later date.

Impact Accounts don’t require a start-up fee or a minimum balance to get started. To contribute to your account we require a minimum contribution of $15. To grant to the organization of your choice we require a minimum of $25.
Breastcancer.org’s mission is to help people make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast health and breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for their lives.
Breastcancer.org & Philanthropi have come together to match $5,000 worth of funds to bring awareness to Triple Negative Breast Cancer for the month of March 2023. A generous donor who has deep connections to Triple Negative Breast Cancer has sought to establish a matching program through the Philanthropi platform.

Take advantage of a simpler Giving Solution

Create your Personal Foundation and Double your Dollars to Breastcancer.org